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Postby Odeanathus » Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:54 pm

Recruitment suspended

We are currently recruiting these classes: (updated 11/11)

Death Knight (DPS)
Druid (Resto, Feral (more focused on tanking but able to dps))
Paladin (Retribution, Holy)
Priest (all specs)
Shaman (Resto, Enhancement)


We do always consider outstanding applications from any class though, so don't be afraid to apply if your class is not listed above.

If you are interested in applying, make sure to check the Recruitment Information as well as our Application Template for more information.
When I was in Dalaran someone from Furious wispered me named; Odeanathus.
I had a very nice chat with him, talking about everything, he seems very nice and polite.
So I decided to apply to Furious and hope everyone is like him xD
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