Mother Shahraz and Recruitment

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Mother Shahraz and Recruitment

Postby warn » Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:51 am

Dead. What a pushover. Nerfed, stupidly easy...


Also, we are recruiting the following Classes at the moment:
- Restoration Shamans
- Restoration Druids

If you are playing another class/spec, you can still feel free to apply. We will always consider exceptional applications, and even if you don't get invited now your application will be there if we do recruit your class in the near future.

Before applying, please think about if you offer what we need. We are attempting the last 2 Bosses in Black Temple, therefore you should bring a good amount of experience (it is much appreciated if you have seen BT from the inside before), gear and time, and you should be able to play your class at a high level.

And please, to save everyones nerves and time, if your internet connection is not stable, don't bother. We've grown a bit tired of bad connections.

You can fill out the Application form at the "Apply" tab (You have to register first), and in order for us to take your application seriously, you should take it seriously too: Don't just rush it, make it a proper one and spend some time writing.
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