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Kil'jaeden Communication

Postby warn » Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:10 pm


Make good use of TeamSpeak. If you have a mic but didn't talk till now, fine. Now however is the time to make use of it finally. There is just that much going on so if you CAN talk, do it.
Not only will it help healers to react faster if you announce that you are in danger, but also the Tanks to pick up your reflections if you announce where they spawned.

This is not an invitation tho to spamm. There are people who are vocal on TS when something like an Shield Orb occurs, like Aarhan, Saytana, Me, Officers in general, no need to have additional spamm but notifying the raid about what's going on at your side of the room if it's important can decide about win or fail.

Don't be shy, talk.
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