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Cross Realm - Rogue

Postby Kay » Mon Jan 01, 2007 2:01 pm

This was taken from a previous application to Deci - Hope you don't mind but im being lazy! it should be everything needed to know on it.

• Naxxramas Experience (Preferably experience up to Four Horsemen at least)
I have had KT Experiance (With Windwalkers from Vek Nilash)

• Exceptional Gear & "Skill"
I'm a rogue, majority of T3 went to Tanks so i have only two peices, and rest is mostly t2.5 or Bloodfang Current link to gear is Here

• You are a very active player that is willing to join raids at least 6 days a week between

I Can play 6 days without fail, it will mostly be 7 days though

• You are mature (age of 18+ preferred).
Im 20 next Birthday.

• You can run ventrillo and will always be on vent during raids.

• You have a microphone!
Yes i do, and im vocal when needed

• You know what "Team play" means.

• You have all the needed knowledge of your class.
I have played it many months i don't know it all but i know more than most

• You don't freak out when something happens that has never happened before (PVE encounter wise)
Im generally a grumpy sod, dont get excited to much so no

And finally but not least:
•• You do not have a mum or dad that calls you downstairs every 10 min.

For the past 5 years i have sat in my room playing computer games, they bring my food up for me and i do what i please :)


• Frost Resistance Gear
I would assume it isnt needed anymore ? i don't know if ur still raiding though but i do have 200 Unbuffed anyway aswell as full FR and NR aswell :)

I guess thats the important stuff, but about me im from England and I have been gaming for past 5 years, 2 of those have been playing world of Warcraft and i have vast experiance in most class's i also have alot of experiance in PvE and Management stuffs!

I would go for something like this in BC if i was to go Raiding as Daggers (although i would like to switch to swords or fist weapon depending on itemization and what i can pick up but im just going off my current gear) - BC Talents

Pre Patch Dagger raiding build was this -> Pre Patch Talents

As i said i would like to go swords or fist, this is pritty much the build i would go with, please take into account that this talent calc isnt upto date and in the future SnD and Imp Backstab change place's and thats why there is 3/3 in the Backstab on combat tree which will be SnD in future :) - Check it out Here

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