dannewe, 60 mage.

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dannewe, 60 mage.

Postby danne_we » Wed Oct 11, 2006 6:55 pm

Important Information

Age: 17 I know that it's 18 years to join, but it's not just about how old a person is (yeah, im talking about maturity )
Country: Sweden

Character Name: dannewe
Class: Mage
Spec: 21/30/0
Previous guilds: Lightning Knights, it disbanded and since that, I have been in some friend guilds and flashed my mount in IF ;)

Gear, preferably an accurate ctprofile.
http://ctprofiles.net/688244 - I know that I haven't the best gear but when I was in LN, i got like 80-90% attendance before they didn't got ppl to join for raids.

You experience in the common raidinstances ; ZG MC BWL AQ Naxx
I've done whole ZG, MC BWL, a few parts in AQ and none in naxx. But I have seen Anub'rekhan, Instructor, Faerlina and noth on my friends computer, he lives next door :P ( he plays in VL)

Your professions and possible rare receipys
I've just rerolled to Mining and Engineering and got like 100 in both

The reason why you want to join us and what you expect from Furious.
I want to hardcore raid again and make som imba pve-shit ;) and what I expect is that you can satisfy my needs ;)

Additional(optional) information

Just tell us sth about yourself, your hobbies, your interests etc.
My name is daniel and I come from sundsvall, sweden and studying in a electronic program on NTI( The Nordic Technical Institution
On my spare time, I play some fotball and of course I play wow ;).

Btw, Kipfle told me to apply, blame him ;) nah kidding.

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