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warrior Application (neptulon)

Postby Zu » Thu Sep 28, 2006 11:18 pm

Info about me.

Name -Zu
LVL -60
Race -Gnome
Class -Warrior

Gear - [Helm of Wrath][Gauntlets of Might][Legplates of Wrath][Earthshaker] (And some valor and random bluies :P)

Previous Guilds : MilesMilitis (First 6months after the release of wow)
LootFTW from when i turned (2nd MT)They were very satisfied with my tanking:)

Previous Experience: MC,BWL,ZG and and some AQ

Have had a wow break for 11 months due to school.!

Reallife info:

Name - Christopher

Age - 19

Country - Norway/Norwegen/Nourega

Languages - Norwegian (norsk) / English

I want to join Furious because i need a strong brotherhood to complete complicated tasks and make friends :)

Check me back in the Game or mail me at mailto:class2k3000@hotmail.com

Christopher/ Zu

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