Morgot,human warlock

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Morgot,human warlock

Postby Morgot » Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:49 pm

Hi Furious.This is my apply!


Character name:Morgot
Previous guilds:BG

My current gear is

My experience in instances:MC,ZG,BWL,AQ20,AQ40(without Ouro)
My professions are Mining/Engineering

The reason why I want to join you and what I expect from Furious.
First of all,I am guildless so I need a guild.I chose Furious cus you are a great guild with dedicated players like my previous guild,and even better.Your will to make progress helps you to succeed.And for me this is the most important thing.I want to make progress in this game just like you guys,so this is my reason to join you.I expect nice relationships with the guildmates,and nothing more...

And now something about me...My real name is Stanislav,but my friends call me Stan.I live in Burgas,a small town on The Black Sea.My hobbies are WoW.going out with friends,WoW,computers,football and of course........WoW :)
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