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Postby Yoshimi » Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:34 am

Age: 20
Country: Bulgaria
Character Name: Yoshimi
Class: Rogue
Spec: 18/33/0 swprd spec for biggest DMG PvE
Previous guilds: Divine Shadow; Dawn Of Victory

Gear: i have all Nightslayer set; 3/8 Bloodfangs(head; shoulders and chest) Neck: Onyxia Tooth Pendant; Fury Of The Forgotten Swarm; Rings: Band Of Accuria; Signet ring of the bronze dragonflight- Honored; Trinkets: Blackhand breadths and signet of the alliance; Sword: Vis`kag the Bloodletter and Brutality Blade; Ranged: Hunters mark

Nature Resist: i have 234 without the 2 enchants in head and pants soon ill make them:D
Fire Resist: have 100 but i have almost all the mats from MC raids and soon ill make it max have much friends and money to help:D

Expiriense: MC,ZG,BWL,AQ20 ALL AQ40 everithing without c`thun but i have wipe on him:D was in vacantion and havent still enterin naxx but i have done the quest thing

Professions: Enchanting just for disenchant and money and herbalism 300 i have much friends who are making me potions and all the things:D

Reason: i want to join a serious guild and meet a lot of good friends and expirience i expecting a lot of fun and furious game:D

Me: My name is Atanas Yanakiev Korkov i am from Bulgaria yet a student! I am raiding a skateboard and snowboard haveing fun with friends all the time riding around the country with my car with friends and making new skate movies:D i really want to join you guys and fight with you thx!!!

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