Druid application :Auril

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Druid application :Auril

Postby Auril » Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:36 pm



Character name: Auril

Class : druid


Previous Guilds: i was on revolutions and when they split i went to screams , before this i was on small and friendly spanish guilds but was not me who played :wink:

Well as you know screams its alive but the ppl who was there all the time just left and some few stayed there , but its not the same , a guild its the ppl who form it not the name :(

Gear: http://ctprofiles.net/3560384

My nature resistance its 118 selbuffed.

My fire resistance its 130 selbuffed ( i can reach more with some items , but since i didnt need i usually dont use those gear).

About my shadow and frost resistand its not that high not reach 100 but ill work on it if i will need , have second SR cover for make resist enchant in case i need :lol:

About my experience in instance : I have done all 20 man instances , full MC , Full BWL , AQ we killed all but not ouro and visicidus , have experience ther only on the tries we did on them , and about AQ Spider wing cleared , Noth and instructor razu and some tries on patchwerk , and i did all outdoor bosses too , green dragons not many times , but i killed all at least one time each.

My attendance on all instances specially lasts its around 80% :?

My proffesions are :herbalism :P and enchanting ( 225 ) i didnt up becose im a bit lazy to go uldaman :D rare enchants i have +30 healing on gloves that i hope i learn when i reach to 300 :wink:

The reason i want to join furious becose its a solid guild , its alive since long time ago and i hope will be there for long time , another reason its becose im looking for a guild that do all end instances with good progress.

About what i expect from furious its First of all find really nice ppl there , Good ambience and manners on raids , and good progress , if you accept me i will do my best for this :D .

I heard that in furious theres nice ppl , im a bit shy when i meet new ppl , but when i start to know them and "breaking ice" i can be really friendly , i like good ambience and good manners on raids , i think all there are adn ill do too , played with all screams members for long time , i love all of them , and its sad for me what happened , anyways lasts months i became great friend of sweeti , some of my friends went to DoV but i decided go with sweeti , if its possible , i will be so happy .
About my hobbies i have lots one its wow . go out . karaoke . dance and time to time playstation2 :lol:
I work on afternoons but this will not affect to raidtime i usually stay on work till raid ends(dont think i slack on work :( i just find the way to do all things with some organization, work ends at 20.30 dont think im all the time on work playing :evil: )

Thank you all for read this post , if you want to know some more about me just whisp me ingame when im online :D

Elena(auril) :)
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