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Priest Application: Elzeda

Postby ignorer » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:52 pm


Furious I sent yesterday morning pm to Sayoko I guess he didnt check his pms at forum :) so I copy/paste the pm to him and post it here.

My name is Mihail (Michael) easier to pronounce i guess :), I'm from Sofia -> Bulgaria 22 years old near 23.

Character Name: Elzeda
Class: Night Elf Priest
Spec: Holy / Disc
Previous guilds: HH, Screams. I was in Screams for about 7-8 months before that in HH.

My profile at: I know its the best healing gear posible at the moment but at least I think its not so bad at all. I added also fire res gear do you need sth else to add. I have some other epics zhc nr staff from green dragons, tiara of oracle and etc. Although i had bad luck with my shoulders and bots. :( I know they sux I didn't put zg shoulder enchant on shoulders but they are crap for me. And zg enchant for head ofc 1st there were rolls then some dkp one won by 100 roll :) and for other i really don't have so much time during the day cause of work.

You experience in the common raidinstances: I know all ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, AQ40 without ouro and viscidus we've made some attempts on both ouro till ~30% i think if i remember right and some on viscidus. Naxx killed Razu, Noth, Spider Wing, some attempts on patchwerk and gothic too.

I have herbalism and alchemy.

I come always prepared for raids with mana pots, mageblood pots, oils, prot. potion and etc what is needed for currect raid. One of the things that annoyed me in Screams were some ppl that don't give a shit about consumeables and then they expect some easy epics.

You all know that Screams disband it's pitty after our progress in Naxx in 1.5 week. Most of them went to Dov may be its overcrowded may be not dunno I didn't ask so far I wanted first to try here in Furious then I'll think about it. And the reason is that Furious is top ally guild in Neptulon and will be in future. I play wow for fun and progress and trying new encounters not to brag in IF with my new epics and ppl who share my interests in friendly atmosphere not drama all the time in gchat and ppl don't show up for C'thun like last night in Screams and not coming for wipe raids.

About raid time in Screams were 19-24h so i don't have big problem with yours.

Lately I don't time for other hobbies except wow I used to play table tenis with my friends. I can't remember anything else at the moment cause i didn't sleep last night. :)

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