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Abiss - Paladin

Postby Nephelim » Sat Sep 02, 2006 8:47 pm

Age: 18
Country: Bulgaria

Character Name: Abiss
Class: Paladin
Spec: 21/11/19
Previous guilds: BG , Screams
Gear : http://ctprofiles.net/3538606

You experience in the common raidinstances : I have experience in all the high level instances . AQ till C'thun ( over 30 tries on him ) , havent killed Ouro or Viscidus . Naxxramas - Have killed Noth , Anub'Rekhan , Maexxna , Faerlina , Instructor .

Your professions and possible rare receipys : I have 300 engineering and 60 enchanting ( using it only for disenchanting for the moment ) but my alt mage have 300 Herbalism and Alchemy and can make Flask of the Titans , Flask of Distilled Wisdom and Flask of Supreme Power .

The reason why you want to join us and what you expect from Furious : My old guild ( Screams ) fall apart . I want to continue playing so i need a good guild to do so :) I want an organized , friendly and progressive guild and i think Furious is the best choice :) I fully understand that guilds like this one are overcrowded with people willing to join but i think that i got much to offer . I expect good time and friendly atmosphere from Furious. I am not item greedy , i take what i deserved :)

Additional(optional) information
I study comunications in a technological high school . My interests are computers ( both hardware and software ) and ofc computers games :) My evenings are free so i can raid everyday ( exception is when something important came up ). Like i said i think i have much to offer to your guild , i'm trying to play on 100% .
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