Application level 60 Gnom Warlock

Want to join Furious on Neptulon?

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Application level 60 Gnom Warlock

Postby Mimoza » Wed Aug 09, 2006 2:44 pm

Age : 17

Sex: male

Country: Bulgaria


Experiance: I have experiance in Full BWL / MC / Ony / AQ20 / ZG / AQ40 to Sartura

Character name: Mimoza

Class: Warlock

Race: Gnom

Proffesions: Alchemy / Herb

Talants: Sm/Ruin i am willing to respec if it is needed

Previous guilds: <Hypnotic>

Why i left <Hypnotic>: The kicked my best IRL friend from the guild because he was Paladin and wanted DPS item.And i have told them many times that if they kick him from the guild i will leave too.

Why i wanna join <Furious>: I wanna join good PVE guild and raid a lot and discover the new world for me in Naxxaramas.Also i really like the name of the guild.

Do i know someone from <Furious>: I have played PvP 1 night with some of the <Furious> members and i find those players i have played with very nice and friendly.
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