Application 60 Mage

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Application 60 Mage

Postby Wingfai » Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:24 pm

Age: 17
Country: uk

Character Name: Wingfai
Class: Mage
Spec: 21/30/0 (fine to change)


Previous guilds, sin since the day i hit 60 its recently been falling apart and ive stuck in it till the very end, the end has come and now im leaving.

You experience in the common raidinstances ; ZG MC BWL AQ(up to hu hu)

Your professions and possible rare receipys; alchemy at 300, and right now low level enchantign for disenchants as i am planning to take jewelcrafts.

The reason why you want to join us and what you expect from Furious.

to be honest, i want a good guild, where i can raid reguarlly, we progress and i can get good gear and chat to people who are cool on vent. I enjoy raiding cos i enjoy working as a team, and i enjoy to see my character progress. What else is there?

Additional(optional) information
im into politics heavily and thats it really, i have no job except politics which takes up max 2-3 evenings a week, if i do spend alot doing 1 week i wont do any the week after. simple as.

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