Bwl selling run 2/12

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Bwl selling run 2/12

Postby drodlouf » Wed Nov 29, 2006 8:08 pm

Greetings. This saturday on 2/12 Furious guild will run an epic Blackwing Lair selling run.

We are going to start the run on saturday 2/12 at 14:30 server time.
Invites for the raid will start at 14:00.
We are taking ~2 buyers from each class.

There are 4 restricted items for furious members:
Drakefang Talisman
Netharions Tear
Elementium Reinforced Bulwark
Rejuvenating gem

NEW RULE: There would be an entrance fee of 100g. As u enter the raid you'll give me this amount. These money will handed back to you IF you take an item or No item that you couldnt use in a profitable way dropped.
Money will be given to me.
NEW RULE: If you don't have an Onyxia scale cloak. Make sure to tell me. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS RUN you'll need one. We are selling these for 50g.
We are NOT accepting anything else than cash.
Each bidding step is minimum 50g.

After the BWL run we propably go onyxia, depending on time, with the known prices.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS RUN: PM ME IN GAME or leave me a mail through game, or write here something. (if you cannot find Drodlouf or Noobor try: papasouzas).

Very important : THIS IS NOT A TOURIST RUN. Ppl who are coming just for the show and are not willing to buy anything they better NOT join. If i found anyone behaving like this means immediately kick from raid. banned and blacklisted from the all guild. Also deals among buyers arent allowed.

We are expecting from buyers to behave good at our raids. We have the right to kick in any moment any buyer if we find that his behaviour troubles the raid in any way.

Thank you in advance.

Head of the broodlord slayer

the black book
arcane infused gem
gloves of rapid evolution
black brood pauldrons
venomous totem
scrolls of blinding light
black ash robe
ring of the blackrock
aegis of the preservation
malfurion blessed bulwark
emberweave leggings
angelista grasp
dragonic avenger
interlace shadow jerkin

mantle of blackwind cabal
pendant of the falling dragon
mind quickening gem
helm of endless rage
bracers of arcane accuracy
lifegiving gem
cloak of the firemaw
firemaw s clutch
legguards of the fallen crusader
taut dragonhide belt
drake talor pauldrons
ebony flame gloves
band of the forced concentration
circle of applied force
shroud of pure thought
styleen impeding scarab
dragons touch
taut dragonhide gloves
taut dragonhide shoulderparts
empower leggings
shimmering geta
elementium thread cloak
girdle of the falling crusader
band of dark dominion
essence gatherer
cloak of dragonic might
drakonic maul
boots of pure thought
doom's edge
ringos blizzards boots

red dragonscale protector
maladath runed blade of the black flight
claw of the black drake
shadow wing focus staff
dragonbreath hand cannon
chrommatic boots
head of nefarian
therazane link
boots of the shadow flame
mish undare ,circlet of the mind flayer
preston talisman of connivery
cloak of the brood lord
archimitros ring of reckoning
dragonfang blade

the untamed blade
drake talor cleaver
herald of woe
claw of chrommagus

chromatically tempered sword
ashire thul crossbow of smiting
pure elementium band
crul'shorukh edge of chaos

ashkandi ,greatsword of the brotherhood
staff of the shadow flame

T2 bracers : 250g
T2 Belt : 300g
T2 Boots : 300g
T2 Hands : 350g
T2 Shoulders : 400g
T2 chest : 500g


Drakefang talisman
Rejuvenating gem
Netharions tear
Elementhium reinforced bulwark
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