Mc run 28/10

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Mc run 28/10

Postby drodlouf » Tue Oct 24, 2006 12:05 pm


We are going to start the run on saturday 28/10 at 14:30 server time.
Invites for the raid will start at 14:00.
We are taking from each class 2 buyers.
The prices are the same as previous runs :

All Tier 1 class items: 150g min bid
Tier 2 class leggings and helm: 250g min bid
MC weapons/trinkets/non-set: 200g min bid
Ragnaros weapons/trinkets/non-set: 300g min bid
Legendary eye of sulfuras: 1000g min bid
leaf/eod : 200g min bid
there are some exceptions and prices may be different.that depends on the value of the item.
also BOE EPIC bracers/belt will be given at ah prices.
We are expecting from buyers to behave good at our raids.We have the right to kick in any moment any buyer if we find that his behaviour troubles the raid in any way.
If the spots for buyers are full in a certain class then i am going to use subspots.That means if the raid isnt fulled 5 min before it starts,i am going to invite the rest of the buyers.If a buyer doesnt show up 5 min before raid starts he will be propably replaced.

Money will be given to me.We are NOT accepting anything else than cash.
Each bidding step is minimum 30g.

Furious members who want to join the run as buyers plz let me know.Ofc when they do this they they lose their share of the money at the end of the run.

There are a couple of restriced items for furious members :
such as 2 bindings of windseeker, Shard of the Scale,Cauterizing Band
, aged core leather gloves,shard of the scale.

After the mc run we are going onyxia.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS RUN : PM ME IN GAME or leave me a mail through game.or write here something.(if you cannot find drodlouf or noobor try : papasouzas).

very important : THIS IS NOT A TOURIST RUN.Ppl who are coming just for the show and are not willing to buy anything they better NOT join.If i found anyone behaving like this means immediately kick from raid.banned and blacklisted from the all guild.Also deals among buyers arent allowed.
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