MC gold selling runs lead by Furious, read other thread

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MC gold selling runs lead by Furious, read other thread

Postby Melchior » Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:10 pm

Read other threads for MC!

We will regularily do MC and possibly Onyxia runs where we take buyers and sell epics. Raids will start on Saturdays 13:00. If you are interested send a tell or ingame mail to Melchior.

We have spots for up to 2 buyers per class. Rest of the raid will be filled with experienced Furious members. If an item drops that you are interested in, you can bid on it with gold. Minimum bids are listed below, but you can bid higher if there are other buyers on the item.

All Tier 1 class items: 150g min bid
Tier 2 class leggings and helm: 250g min bid
MC weapons/trinkets/non-set: 200g min bid
Ragnaros weapons/trinkets/non-set: 300g min bid
Legendary eye of sulfuras: 1000g min bid

Some items will be restricted from buying, since some Furious members still have great use from them in other raiding instances such as Naxxramas. We are currently discussing this list but as of now they are:

[wowitem]Shard of the Scale[/wowitem]
[wowitem]Cauterizing Band[/wowitem]

[wowitem]Aged Core Leather Gloves[/wowitem]
[wowitem]Robe of Volatile Power[/wowitem]

[wowitem]Bindings of the Windseeker[/wowitem]
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