- LvL 60 Druid Apply -

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- LvL 60 Druid Apply -

Postby Ghowlish » Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:14 pm

Ahoy lads!

I wanna join Furious cause its a nice guild and i know some ppl from there too :p

Name - Ghowlish
Class- Dr00d
Race- Night elf
Current Build - 14-32-5
Previous Guilds - Lightning Knights, Uncensored >.>

I started to play wow 7 months ago.

Irl info:
Real Name: Peter
From: Slovenia, small country near italy >.>
Age: 15, my birthday was on the 1st of july.
Play: I can join most of the raids in the meantime i will pvp.

I want to join Furious cause i heard that ur LFGing for dr00ds and i wanna raid in end game instances like AQ40/bwl/naxx etc...

I've got 120 FR unbuffed and umm... like 40 NR unbuffed but i will get more if im said to. :p

My healing gear is mostly blue like animist shit and some feralheart/wildheart + ive got cenarion boots...

My feral gear is the pvp rewards from rank 7,8 and amulet of the darkmoon and some other blue stuff... i need like 1k till exalted with AV >.>

Tnx for reading this ... have fun guys and see ya'll in game.
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