[Application] 60 Nelf Druid / Neptyr

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[Application] 60 Nelf Druid / Neptyr

Postby neptyr » Tue Jul 18, 2006 9:53 am


As the topic implies, i'm a 60 Nelf Druid.
I'm currently stationed at the Grim Batol server, and is a officer in the guild Riders On The Storm.
Our progress so far is:

AQ20 = Cleared
ZG = Cleared
MC = Cleared
BWL = Cleared
AQ40 = Atempting the first boss, but as the summer hit us, everyone become pretty inactive, and i struggle to even create a ZG-run.

My gear and specc atm is http://ctprofiles.net/704923
Also got Sulfuras Band and ZHC as replacements, but the gear posted there is what i use for most +healing.

I got the tips that you needed druids from Dardain, who is a RL friend and work colleague.
But, i do not know how much attendence you require at the start, cause i work the same shifts as Dardain. Wich is One week Day (08-16), one week evening(16-22). I presume this is a huge disavantage in my direction, but i choose to apply anyway :)

I also got Mic, A decent computer (AMD x2 3800, XFX GFORCE 7800GTX and 2gb memory, rock stable;)and access to VT and TS.

A little personal info about myself:

From Norway

Greetings from:
Rolf aka Neptyr

[edit] Forgot to mention, if it is anything, just ask, and i will answer as good as i can :) [/edit]
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