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Darthkiwi - Rogue

Postby kiwi » Thu May 25, 2006 2:12 am

Hello all, I thought I would give applying here a try after jonni said I should write here and see what happens, well I know u probably don’t need rogues im pretty used to it but still I give it a try and hope for the best ( it might be my lucky day :P )

Well then my in game name is Darthkiwi and my character is a lv60 Ne Rogue, I combat spec and have always been that ( 17,31,3 ) find this spec most proper for me and I love the dmg made by it :P but if you want me to respec I would do that.

http://ctprofiles.net/1006002 ( I know the shoulders suxs but im 2k from exalted with ab so im getting the epic from there soon :) )
I don’t have the best fg gear but I have 93unbuffed using > molten belt , 3/3 volcanic set , onyxia key necklace , and a green trink providing 8fr.
I know it’s not much but if needed more I would do my best to find some more things in ah or by farm.
The equipment isn’t the best but I have done my best collecting stuff without a guild. (Molten belt was pain for the money pocket :P )

Well now a little about the backround, I started playing this game a long time ago on warsong. After hitting lv60 and moving to TH I joined up with Revolution where I spent most of my time, but after some time the guild got some problems and it ended up with disbanding.
I who at that time was inactive ended up guildless and at the same time the gates to neptulon opened up so I took my char and transferred it here. Here on neptulon my whole day only bestod of pvp, pvp and pvp.
I wanted to obtain a great rank and get some nice equipment but after hitting rank 9 (96% of it full) my internet got some problems and I stopped playing.
Now after some months of inactivity I decided to start playing the game again because I got to much spare time and the game has its draining power :P N
Nowadays all I do is pvp, I’m in a guild called GET TO DA CHOPA which is founded by some friends who just wants to have a place where we can chat in while playing.( mostly Croatian players 8) )

Why I want to join Furious ? Well first of all i know you have a great PvE progress which I would like to take part of and i also know the members in the guild most have great personality’s and great friendship towards each other, because i mean how else would you have obtained what you are today. Getting more friends in game is my top priority because what is the game for if not to have fun.
I have been without a guild waaay to long now and I really miss the thrill and excitement you get from raiding with friends, the adrenalin kick you gain when passing a hard block or the happiness you share when taking down a hard boss, well all of that and I hope if I would join up with you guys u would be able to once again take part of all that once again.
What I could bring to this guild is really hard to say because I believe you have it all, but if I would get the chans I would give all i got, and if even more.

To finish this up i would like to tell you a little about me, My real name is Ivan and im 17years old. I live in Sweden, Västerås and have lived here for the passed 14years. But despised that I’m not actually Swedish but Croatish.
On my spare time if not playing computer (wow) I’m out playing football or hanging with some friends.
( I read some post on you’re forum where you talk about being to young and not being able to stay up during raid hour's , and I have to say that I have no problem with the time, I would gladly stay up how far into the night you possible would want me to, no problems in that part. )

Well now I think that would be all, I hope I didn’t forget something. If so just write and ask i would gladly answer all ur questions.
And I hope I don’t bore you out with the long post :P but anyways hope u have a little spot for me somewhere in the guild :P

Best regards Ivan K.
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