Moltin, lvl 60 resto druid.

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Moltin, lvl 60 resto druid.

Postby Moltin » Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:44 pm

What is your name, class and level?
Moltin, Druid, lvl 60

Any alts?
Warrior 60, rogue 53, priest 42

Current Gear?

Current spec.?
7 /0 / 44
so, resto :)

Have you done the Onyxia, Molten Core and Black Wing Lair prequests?
All prequests done

Do you have previous Molten Core/Black Wing Lair experience?
Done all MC, and BWL

What is your real life name and age?
Real name is Kjetil, and I am 16 years old

Which country are you from?
I'm from Norway

And finally, why do you want to join Furious?
Well. I want to join Furious, because I want to do more MC /BWL, and more AQ :)
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