Drakmar Dwarf Priest

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Drakmar Dwarf Priest

Postby Drakmar » Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:24 pm

Name: Drakmar

Your gear: epics
[Leggings of Transcendence]
[Hide of the Wild]
[Flowing Ritual Robes]
[Vambraces of Prophecy]
[Will of Arlokk]
[Girdle of Prophecy]
[Cauterizing Band]
[Cauterizing Band]
[Fireproof Cloak]


[Devout Crown]
[Tooth of Gnarr]
[Devout Mantle]
[Torch of Austen]
[Blessed Prayer Beads]
[Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas]
[Dragonrider Boots]

Talent Build: 32/19/0

Former Guild: Former guilds you have been in and why you left it.
Was in Noctem and lightning knights but left because of arguments.

Resistances: FR and NR resistance 135 gimped FR 105 ungimped. no NR gear atm but i could get working on it

Contacts in guild: Do you know any1 in the guild? nope

Alts: Do you have any alternative characters? just started a warrior level 20 atm

Why should we take you? Well i have been seeking a very good guild for a long time and Furious seems to be what im looking for

Experience: What is ur end-game raid experience? well i have experiance in all instances cleared MC and done the 1st boss in BWL but i am a fast learner.

/Played: Your total time in Azeroth 33days
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