Apply made by Donatela

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Apply made by Donatela

Postby Donatela » Tue Apr 04, 2006 2:47 am

Female Gnome Mage 60

Talent tree: 18/0/33 (with Arcane Suplety)
I can respect any time if the guild need.

Proffecions:Herbalism - Tailoring
-Core Felcloth Bag
-Flarecore Wraps

Gear: Arcanist Crown(150mana)-Pebble of Kajaro-Arcanist Mantle(5FR)-Arcanist Robes(100health)-Arcanist Bindings(9Stamina)-Shivery Handwraps-Belt of the Archmage-Arcanist Leggings(150mana)-Dragonrider Boots(7Stamina)
Zanzil's Band-Zanzil's Seal-Darkmoon Card:Blue Dragon-Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Azuresong Mageblade(30Spell dmg)-Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire-Glowstar Rod of the Eagle

FR gear:Drakefire Amulet-Onyxia Scale Cloak-Flameweave Cuffs of Frozen Wrath-Flarecore Gloves-oyal Seal of Eldre'Thalas-ard of the Elements-Dragonslayer's Signet-Ward of the Elements
Max FR with MageArmor:156
NR gear:Vinerot Sandals-hloromesh Girdle-rovekeeper's Drape-oxious Shooter-2xHeart of Noxxion-[Zandalar Illusionist's Mantle-5NR enchant]
Max NR with MageArmor:87

Exp: Clear MC-Onyxia-ZG
3rd Boss BWL
4th Boss AQ 20
no exp in AQ40

I am login every day exept some weekend 1 or 2 per month

I was Mage CL in Needjaz.I speak with the GM and leave because we have some probs to make raids and many of the others CLs-Officers are inactive

Why Furious : I have some friends in guild and i like play with them

Personal informations: my name is Steve and i am 23years old.I live in Greece and i am in university of Partas(this is the reason i leave the weekend, i come back to my town Athens and i dont have pc there, but if you need me i can also join by a net-cafe we have many here :) )

Thanks about your time
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