Elaine, Human Warlock (Application)

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Elaine, Human Warlock (Application)

Postby Clone » Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:01 pm

Character and alt information:

Character name : Elaine

Class and race : Warlock, human female ( lvl 60 )

Alts : Lvl 60 NE Rogue @ Neptulon named Clone

Why am I applying:

I'd like an nice and experienced guild. I want to enjoy playing the game in raids and in pvping also.

Why Furious:

I know Furious are a nice and a good guild, with awsome experienced players and I respect that. I've played some pvp only with some of the members and I've enjoyed the time :)

Previous guild and why i left:

Held Hostile

I got kicked today because I posted an Application for VL. I had already asked VL ingame and they dident have any spot but I wanted to ask them anyway on the forum. Elaine was my ALT in HH so I dident get to play that much and I dident get to roll on stuff. Allways had to beg to get a spot for MC and dident get to join BWL if they dident need an etxra Warlock.

My character:

* Equipment:

I got full Felheart set and the rest Blue crappy gear if you ask me. Will soon get some weap from AB and I got some damage rings from quests allmost done.

I dont got that much FR gear yet, imo a caster dont need that much :)

NR gear is like 0 on my Warlock :(

My current spec:

I'm currently specced as a full Destruction 7/10/34

Profession skills:

got Alchemy and Herbalism, lvling them ATM it's my alt char after all

Normal playing time and time played:

I am a student atm so I've got like all the time in the world, around 4pm-2am each day some days even more

Previous pve experience:

I've done MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20 most of the dragons outdoors. Tho not AQ40 yet because HH were kinda late with that.

To add in some more info, My name is Daniel and I live in Karlstad // Sweden, I'm 20 years old. I'd also like to ask if you would need a extra rogue by the side :) Clone is my rogues name got 6 NS parts BF Hood maladath and CHT, Hemorrhage specc atm to give raids more damage in melee :)

enjoy the application :) and I hope to see some of you guys ingame :)

cheers // Dan
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