Klintan Lvl 60 Warrior !

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Klintan Lvl 60 Warrior !

Postby Guram » Sun Jan 22, 2006 5:11 pm

A firend in your guild (Kipfle) asked me to make a aplication because u probably need warriors.

Im a lvl 60 Dwarf Warrior with 5/0/46 protection spec and full blue pre tanking gear. i have Full experiance of Mc from lucifron to ragnaros and also Onyxia. i have done the pre quests for BWL but i have never been there and could use some traning before going there :P im a Herbalist / Alchemy

Myself is 17 years old and lives in sweden im a active player with 62 days of playtime behind me. at my free time i mostly play wow but also sometimes i just hangs around with friends :)

5100 hp unbuffed
7200 armor
357 defenceive skill
70 fire ressistance

It would be verry funny to join :D

Ps: Ive got mic and ventrilo instaled and redy to be used, and if u want to have more info bout me just ask me in game :)

Well my time is out for now i havent got time to write more, as i said above ask me anything ingame. GLHF

Klintan 60 warrior Neptulon.
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