Kjetil, Warrior

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Kjetil, Warrior

Postby Kjetil » Wed Nov 09, 2005 9:45 pm

Hey, Furious. Im a warrior named Kjetil I would love to join you.

Why? I heard Furious is one of the better guilds at Neptulon.

Equipment? I got Valor, Draconian Deflector and some other not very good items :P

Pre Quests? Im prepared for MC, Onyxia, BWL.

Experience? I have been in some MC raids, done ZG a couple of times.

Previous guilds? Supreme Agony Realm, Memento Mori, Reckless. And ofcourse some other small guilds.

Why did you leave or get kicked? When i was in Supreme Agony Realm, they was very inactive, and i wanted some action, so i left. About Memento Mori, I transfered to Neptulon and Memento Mori stayed at Twilights Hammer. At the moment im in Reckless, they are planning raids allmost every day, but they alllways get canceled, so...

How can your guild benefit from me? U can dress me up with Might, and i will do a great job for you :P no.. i can do a great job anyway. atleast i will try. I just want a guild that i can do raids with.

Any friends or people that you know iin Furious? I dont think i know anyone in Furious, but i would love to be your friend everyone :)

I dont know what more than this i can say. If its something else, send me an mail or whisper me ingame :)


and im ofcourse lvl 60

Atleast i would love an answer :)

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