Application for Cassiope , 60lvl Human Warlock

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Application for Cassiope , 60lvl Human Warlock

Postby Cassiope » Wed Nov 09, 2005 9:38 pm

Hello everyone ,
My real name is Miro and i am from Bulgaria ... :) 21 years old .
Regarding my ingame stuff... I come from Warsong server .

Character Name :Cassiope
Human Warlock
Professions : Mining and Engineering

Gear : 2 pieces of Felheart set - aiming mostly for 4
Chromatic Cloack , Belt of the archmage ,mostly blue critical and +effects stuff.

Past Guilds : Legion in Warsong server . Been in Boondock saints and in Entity ,i moved in Entity because of real life friends but i really didnt liek some people's attitute there and i decided to leave .

I have prequests for Onixya and MC ,didnt make BWL so far cause i doubted ill step in that instance in the next 3-4 months :P
Experience : done bosses 1-8 in MC with Entity .

Additional info : I am very addicted to the game , currently unemployed but not for a long ! :)
I very active and loyal player . I have the best ISP i can get here and i will get better offer very soon so i am reliable too . Im doing everything i can to join a guild raid so if there is nothing damn serious in my RL my guild can count on me :)

Thats all i can think of now . If u have any further questions u can find me ingame or here . I hope i will be become a part of the guild cause from what ive seen so far you guys look serious .
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