Tums upp m8`s :)

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Tums upp m8`s :)

Postby Soulripper » Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:26 pm

Hello every 1!

I am a soul wich is in desperate need of a good guild now when it is a server migration. So now when Furious are moving i decided too write an application. So i wonder now if i woud be able 2 join your guild. 8)

I have a charakter named Soulripper on Neptulon I am a
lvl 60 rogue with epic mount, and a rather good eq (8 epic items ) and rest blue.

I have a playtime of 46 days.

I also have the keys too "Ubrs, (Onyxia, Molten pre quest, And well Blackwing lair)"
and ofc 300 lockpicking

my profs are Leatherworking (elemental 300) and Skinning and Finkleys skinner and Skinning enchant so i can Skinn Onyxia if it is needed

I am hounored with Thorium bortherhood so i can also make the Molten belt and Molten helm. with LW

Well I know rogue isn't actually the class you are all looking for at the moment while you have enough allready for MC and Onyxia and stuff and well it dont bother me realy if i cant get into the raid in the first moths in guild, even though it woud be nice if i coud.

I also has some experience with Mc, Ony and Zul Gurub with some old guilds.

Me am a 19 year old boy from Sweden. Hmm well dont got much 2 alts thinking of getting my 14 warlock too 60 but we will se...

And i got 2 IRL freinds in the Guild: Kipfle (60 pala) Former Angeluss now Saphire (60 hunter) :wink:

Some game`s i have played before is Diablo 2 LOD, Wc1,Wc2,Wc3 (tft)
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